Friday, September 30, 2011

My Nursing Must Haves

Breastfeeding can be tough in the first few weeks. Heck the first few months. M hit 8 weeks and all of a sudden a switch flipped and breastfeeding was second nature to us both. There was no more pain, my supply settled, and I became a pro at nursing in public. What I learned though is that there are some things that helped me get through the tough times. Here are my personal must haves for beating booby traps.

Welcome to Heaven. These are Earth Mama Angel Baby Boob Tubes. This is probably the product that saved me and my nursing relationship. They wrap perfectly around your nipple or breast. They heat up in the microwave and cool in the freezer. They are worth their weight in gold. So those are my three reasons why you need these. When my milk first came in it was like someone filled my boobs with cement. I would heat these up and wrap them around before bed and throughout the day. If you are having problems with letdown heat up and put on. When I had a clogged duct heat up and put on. When I had milk blisters heat up and put on. If you think that's amazing then listen to this. Frozen boob tube on your shriveled up raw nipples. Enough said.
Lather those puppies up. Even if your baby latches perfectly chances are it's still going to hurt in the first several weeks. You've got something sucking on your nipple about 12 hours of the day. It's not going to feel pleasant. So in the meantime until your nipples become leather and not even alligator clamps would hurt your going to need some lanolin.
Invest in a good pump. I was going to wait until I went back to work to get one. Luckily my husband talked me into getting one before M was born. The first thing I did was run to my pump when I got home from the hospital. I was so engorged M couldn't even latch. You never know what is going to happen with breastfeeding. You may need the nipple stimulation in order for them to perk up and become easier to latch. You may have too much fore milk and need to express some. You may be like me and need it for some relief. You may need to up your supply and pump after or in between sessions. You never know what will come your way and a good pump will help.

This is a nursing bra cami. It has made nursing in public so easy. If you're like me and you want to nurse without a cover but not show your stomach then this is perfect. It's a bra and tank top all in one. Just snap and pop your boob in your babies mouth. It's that simple. This one is by Bravado!. I have their nursing bras and they are amazing. The stretch material is so comfortable. Sometimes a good nursing bra is worth the splurge.

I have only used this next product a couple of times. I mainly bought it for pumping once I go back to work. This is the Simple Wishes Hands Free Nursing Bra. There have been times when I'm running late, need makeup, need hair, and need to pump. This is perfect for those times. It is probably the least attractive thing you will ever do. Strap this sucker on and continue what you're doing. When I go back to work I'll get two fifteen minute breaks to pump. I'll put this on and double pump while having my hands free. In fifteen minutes I can finish pumping IF I'm doing both at the same time.

You may think after reading all of this that breastfeeding must suck. I won't lie. In the beginning it can be hard. There will be things that trip you up. Whether it's discomfort, supply, or public opinion. Just know that breastfeeding will be the most rewarding and beneficial thing you ever do. Looking back on the past 12 weeks I feel like I've accomplished something. I stuck it out and endured the hardships for my daughter. I wanted her to have the best start she could have so I sacrificed my comfort and time to give that to her. It might take a bit of time, but you will come to love your relationship with breastfeeding.

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