Monday, September 12, 2011

My Hopes For M

When I was pregnant with M I would often think of my hopes for her. I was such an emotional wreck with overwhelming love for her that sometimes I would start to cry thinking about how much I loved her. That hasn't really stopped. I still cry in that dang Pampers commercial every time. The thing is when M was born was the most amazing, unbelievable, life changing event. I achieved everything I want in life that day. Even if it didn't happen the way I had planned. It was perfect. You have this baby growing for nine months and it's so hard to wrap your mind around it. To see her in person and know that those elbows were what I was feeling. That her little butt was what I felt rolling back and forth. It is so unreal. I love her with every part of me. So I wanted to write down my hopes for her.

I hope you always know how much we love you. We've loved you for so long.

I don't care what you believe or stand for as long as it's something.

I hope you decide what you believe and stand for yourself.

I hope you are aware of other people's beliefs and ideas and realize that they are entitled to them and not wrong because they aren't yours.

I want you to have peace and spread peace.

I hope you accept everyone even if they aren't like you.

I hope you go everywhere and do everything your heart desires.

I hope you find a love for something and never give it up even if others put it down.

Most of all I want you to be exactly who you want to be and embrace it.

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