Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sun Magic (The Scoop On Poop)

If you are breastfeeding I'm sure you've realized by now that your little bundle pees poop. They probably will until they are on solid foods. Ideally a breastfed babies stool should be runny and yellow. If it is green then they are most likely getting too much fore milk and not enough hind milk. That can happen if you have an oversupply. Off topic, but a tip for that is to hand express or pump a small amount before putting your baby to the breast. That way they can get more of the hind milk(the good stuff). Any who that runny yellow stuff may be an easy wipe up, but it is most definitely not an easy wash up. I'm talking stains. M was down to about one pair of socks without stains before I learned the power of the sun.

It was getting time to cloth diaper her since she was almost 10lbs and it hit me that these things will be sick with stains. It took twenty socks to realize 'hey this isn't coming out.' So I looked around for ideas on how to remove poop stains. This is good for formula fed babies as well. Poop is poop. The sun is a natural bleach. It is seriously magic. It does what bleach and detergent can't. I know this because once a month you need to throw in some bleach with your wash to fight odors. It does nothing for poop stains.

So here is what you do, and it's so simple I can do it. Buy a drying rack or clothes line. I chose drying rack because my husband didn't want a clothes line to deal with. Plus he thinks they are trashy. I think they look old school and environmentally friendly. I got a drying rack from Wal Mart for $9. You can find it here: It's rated three stars. There's a reason for that. It sucks. Set whichever one you chose up where it will get direct sunlight. Let them dry. That's it. Watch your pesky poop stains magically fade.

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