Wednesday, July 16, 2014

School time!

Since we are now in mid July I have been scouring the Internet for a plan for this years school year. Last year was a flop. We quit midway through. I think it was easy for me to make the excuse that she was just 2. Which is fine, and I'm not losing sleep over it. However now we are on to age 3. Most of her friends...well all actually...are either going back to or starting preschool. Since Adam and I are both pretty much set on homeschooling I'll be getting serious about home school preschool.

I need to crack down and get stuff done, because if we can't get into the swing of things and follow a plan than she just needs to start school when the time comes. So it's not that I'm set that she learns a certain amount of thing in a certain amount of time, but more so that I need to know we can do this.

Now that we know we are staying here we will be making some changes in our home. We are switching rooms so the girls will have a bigger one. Their toys will go in their room, we will get rid of the extra bed, and take that old desk down to the basement. So what started as a classroom and then turned to a playroom will be a designated class. Clutter free. I am so excited!

I've been looking into the best curriculum fit for us, and have pretty much decided on several different ones for different subjects. Here is what I have so far for the upcoming year.


Numbers Plus from High Scope I was really looking for a math curriculum that covered all the bases and could be used for the next year as well. I found several workbooks, but I was looking for something more along the lines of a strictly math curriculum. 

Math Kit I will also be getting the High Scope math kit. I really just wanted something that was already put together. Some of these items we may not get to till age 4, but we will already have them. I've looked at several kits and don't see much "fluff" in this one. Basically we could use all the stuff in this kit.


All About Reading  pre-reading kit. I've seen this used on many home school blogs I follow. It seems like a great start for Molly since we haven't touched much on letters at all. 

Critical Thinking 

Building Thinking Skills  I love this book based off the sample images! Knowing Molly and how she seems to learn best it looks like it will be effective with her. 

I have also purchased some worksheet books from Mama's Learning Corner

Everything else we do will be more along the lines of activities. Colors, shapes, writing, etc we will do through worksheets and play. 

The good thing is we will only have to buy this stuff once! 

Monday, July 7, 2014

Molly's 3rd Birthday

This weekend was seriously packed. I am completely warn out from it, but it was amazing and much needed. Usually when a weekend is packed for us it's with nothing fun, but this time we had so much awesome stuff planned. Above all Molly's 3rd birthday Saturday. 

On Thursday I got to go out with friends. We saw Tammy which was hysterical and then went to what else, Applebees. It's been some time since I've gone out.

Friday, the 4th, we went to the local fair. We spent three hours there. For our family that's a long time. Two little kids lose interest pretty fast. 

On Saturday we went to the parade which both girls loved. Natalie was in heaven. Then we went back to the fair and stayed 5 hours. The girls loved it. When we left I couldn't believe how long we had been there. It was nice having something to do for once. Usually anything fun is quite the drive. That night we went to a 4th of July party of some friends. The weather was perfect and my family was there also. There was a big pond that the kids played at. The girls ended up covered in mud. It ended with fireworks and Natalie was in awe. Molly could really care less. They hold her attention for a little while and then she was back in the dirt. That's my girl! 

We had Molly's party on Sunday. Of course it was a Frozen theme. We had it at my sister's house so we could make it a pool party. Molly had a blast. We had to keep calling her over to unwrap presents because she was too busy running around playing. It was a little bit of a stressful day getting everything together even though I didn't go all out by any means. This is the first time we have had a birthday somewhere other than our home. It's a bit of a chore! 

That night was the city fireworks. We went to our usual spot with some friends. I brought along this awesome Frisbee thing I got off Amazon. The girls had so much fun with it. Molly learned how to throw it that night and whoever got to it first got to throw it. 

The weekend was perfect and Molly had so much fun. I can't believe I now have a preschooler. Molly seemed to wake up Saturday and be my social. She waved at everyone in the parade. At one point even going up to someone in it and showing them this thing she had got. Today she waved to the cashier. Maybe age 3 will get over some of that shyness she gets from her dad and I. 

In other big news Molly learned how to swim today! I am in shock. Obviously she wears a floatie vest, but she doesn't want me to hold on to her at all. It's surprising because last year she was so far from it. She would cling to me. Today was her second time in the pool this summer. 

I know it's only been three days, but so far three is awesome. Just look how beautiful she is! 

Friday, July 4, 2014

My Three Year Old

Last night I watched you sleep for a little while. I thought back to when you were a newborn and I slept every night with my blankets at my waist and no pillow. My arm tight around your side making a barricade to keep you near. Every stir and my eyes shot open. Now you stretch out in between us. Every stir and my eyes groggily open because it's usually a knee to the back.

I thought about your first bath and how you pooped all over your dad. You cried as we fumbled around frantic to get you cleaned off and back in clothes. How we matched your socks and your diaper and your specific outfit. I thought about the time when your dad covered you with a dinner napkin at a chain restaurant because I forgot your blanket.

I was so confident in all my choices, but really we had no clue. Like the time I took you to the doctor because I thought for sure you had a tumor, but really your head was just shaped funny. Just so many google searches.

You and I were still getting to know each other. We were still trying to find our way as parents. Trying to gain confidence.

Now I just feel like I know you. I know your favorite things and commonly said phrases. I can pretty much guess what your reaction is going to be. I know your fears and what makes you over the moon happy. I know your mannerisms. I see so much of myself in you. Your shyness. The imaginary friends. Even the games you play. We are so alike in our characteristics.

Our relationship reminds me of the course your father and I took. It's hard to imagine what it was like when we first dated, because now there is that comfort in knowing one another. It's hard for me to imagine that just three years ago we met for the first time, because in my heart I feel like I've known you forever. I always say I couldn't love you more than I do, and in a way that is true, but my love for you has evolved. As you grow and we get to know each other more that love deepens. Where there was once doubt in my abilities there is now peace in our familiarity. I know now that there is a great deal of forgiveness that comes along with the love between us and mistakes can be made by both of us. Our connection has grown because you have become such a part of me. A part of me that I can't imagine being without.

Happy Birthday sweet girl. You are far greater than what I ever could have imagined you to be. Even on the worst of days I count my blessing because of you. By anyways standards this has not been the greatest year. The ups and downs from your dads work schedule, the work put into this old house, and  me finding a balance as a technically work at home mom has all had its fair share of stress. In the end though it has been an amazing year, because you were in it.

Things  I don't want to forget:

How you always said "I wanna do it" in the same tone

How every time we are in the car something is chasing us

How you always tell me "I love you mommy. I so proud of you." It makes me feel like I must be doing something right in the way I talk to you.

The time we got to watch you in dance and you picked your nose and waved at me the whole time.

Your mean face

The way you always push your hair out of your face

When you climb up on your little table and say "mommy, daddy, mommy" till we look at you and then you sing a song or make one up

Your dramatic voice that is also a whisper

How everything important to you was made for you by your dad for your birthday

You running up to lightening bugs and asking "do you wanna be my friend?"

"I'll be Elsa, you be Anna, baby be Olaf, Max be Sven."

The love between you and your sister. The dynamics of your relationship reminds me so much of your aunt and mine.

Your determination.

Your independence.