Thursday, March 1, 2012

Top 10 Things I Love About Breastfeeding

While nursing my daughter last night and watching that oh so cute dribble of milk run down her cheek I thought this post needed to be written. I wanted to compile a list of the things I love most about breastfeeding. My hope is for those really tough days reading this will get someone through. There are so many reasons to continue breastfeeding even with all the reasons some may give to stop. See the freezer bag half full and that will do a world of good!

  1. When she latches on to my nose, knee, belly, and elbow. M knows I am her source of nutrition. My body feeds her.
  2. When she looks up at me and coos or smiles while nursing.
  3. No matter what is wrong there is nothing that can sooth her like nursing. Even if she just ate. No binky can surpass a quick boob.
  4. When you can feel your let down while nursing. It's this feeling of the milk you make passing through you into your sweet baby to fill their belly.
  5. When your baby is all over the place and their mind is moving a mile a minute it's so nice to have them still and snuggled up close like the newborn days.
  6. You don't have to cart around a million bottles. You don't have to clean a million bottles. Especially if you cloth diaper. You need all the diaper bag space you can get.
  7. Getting to the point when you are proud to breastfeed in public and it's not something you are nervous to do.
  8. When she crawls over, motions she wants up, gets to the boob, and holds it while nursing. How much can change in a matter of months.
  9.  It's the middle of the night and she stirs in her sleep. I start to nurse her and she gently drifts off.
  10. The accomplishment of doing something that wasn't always comfortable, easy, and maybe even readily available. In a world that is so big on having everything right now and only doing the pleasurable, breastfeeding had lost it's place. I accomplished a goal to breastfeed. I'm not done with that goal, but I feel satisfied knowing that I can do this. That the trouble is behind us.