Sunday, February 16, 2014

What We've Been Doing Lately

…and what we did a long time ago. I haven't put any pictures on here for some time now. Fall and December were so busy and now that January and February are dead quiet I think I'm just enjoying it.

Christmas was nice. It wasn't what we expected honestly. Molly's reaction was pretty indifferent and Natalie's was pretty typical for a one year old. The day was a bit hard on Molly too. We hosted it and she seemed overwhelmed.

I know, Christmas Eve wasn't yesterday. I'm a tad behind. I set up the stand, backdrop, and light right before we were suppose to head to service. Natalie you were so ticked! You usually love taking pictures but really you just wanted to do you and didn't appreciate me stopping that. Molly you were so proud of your pretty dress and actually showed it off. I seriously love you two in these dresses. 

Thank goodness we made the last minute decision to get a barbie house. It's pretty much all she plays with from Christmas. I wanted something we could play together and encourage pretend play. I should really play it more. As she gets older I think it will be even more fun. 

…and we got a dog. ::head desk:: This was my long time begged for Christmas present. Little did I know it would be a Christmas curse. No I love him. He's so cute and super sweet. What I don't like is how much Adam can't stand him and when Adam is stressed you could cut the stress with a knife. Max is a major source of stress for him. We are really excited for Max to be old and lazy. He will be awesome then. 

They were in a nativity play. Molly is the dirty face looking donkey there in the back. She looked so cute by the end. Ears gone and face paint half off. Most of it on her shirt. I also hand made Natalie's angel costume. I should just never craft. It turned out better than expected, but not very close to the idea. 

Natalie turned one. Seriously. I can't get over her walking everywhere. She has also turned into a turd. It's funny how quickly they learn to get into everything. I love how her smash cake pictures turned out. I knew I could count on her to demolish a cake. While I cleaned up after wiping her down she crawled off a little ways and just crashed. 

Her birthday went great! Her theme was just a plate set at Target and I brought a napkin to the bakery for them to match. It was awesome. Worry free and a lot less money than trying to top something on pinterest. The way to go. 

This week was Molly's second observe week at dance. I had higher hopes since the last time since she practices at home all the time. She doesn't cry at drop off. She always says she loves her teacher. During class she pretty much waved at me and ate boogers the whole time. It was just like her testing at the doctor. Always waving at me. Her teacher said she does a lot more when I'm not in there and I'm sure that's the truth. During the class we saw a lot of stuff that she does at home that we didn't know where it came from. 

I have wanted for some time to do more personal things. It's like the handyman that never works on his house. Sometimes when you do something for a living you never make the time to do it for yourself. These lazy months have really ignited my love for doing photography for my own pleasure. It's something I don't want to slack off on again. So here are just some every day shots from the past week. I'll make sure to keep up on these posts. It's these things that I really want put down for you girls to see some day. 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sleeping Beauty

I have a little obsession with pictures of my kids sleeping. Especially with Molly since those are the easiest pictures to get. Anything else is nearly impossible. There is just something so sweet and innocent about a sleeping child. Like little lambs. I've been wanting to put together all the pictures I can find or remember of Molly in these past couple years.

So some day she can see this and say "wow mom, that's creepy." Or maybe she will thank me for such thorough documentation of her life.