Saturday, September 3, 2011

0-3 Month Royalty

Yes, it's true. M is officially a baby queen. She always was in our eyes. Putting M in a baby pageant wasn't something I ever really saw myself doing. I don't know why. Turns out it's actually pretty fun, but maybe that's because we won. I'm pretty sure I would have been a bit defensive had we lost. That's just me, but who knows. I could have been the bigger person too. We'll never know.

Not only is M pageant royalty, but her cousin also won first place in 4-6 boys. We came, we won, we went back to our own town. Which wasn't the plan, but apparently the fair never showed up. So there was an empty field, baby show tent, and a country festival afterwards. Not really our thing.

This place was so packed it was ridiculous. At first it was about 5,000 degrees out and the sun was only a few feet from us. Then all of a sudden there's a down pour and some crazy wind. So instead of having the show up on a stage we were under a tent that was about to cave. Luckily that only lasted about half way through. So being that it was insanely packed and really loud there aren't really any pictures of this amazing event. All we got were some celebratory shots afterwards.

The best part was how alert and happy M was the whole time. Then five minutes after her win she was out. Girl knows how to perform when need be. Now don't worry I'm not going to start getting her spray tanned. I'd say our pageant days are over. We decided to hang up our hat while we're ahead.

Sister, Brother in Law, and King baby A.
Check out that fedora!

Husband, Me, and worn out queen M.

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