Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mastering The Moby

The Moby was the first carrier that I purchased in preparation for M. Let me tell you when I got that 5.5 meters of fabric I thought 'well forget this.' It's pretty intimidating. I would practice and practice, but it looked pretty bad with my huge belly and a teddy bear. So I started to stock up on ring slings which I became I pro at with the help of my cat. Once M was here and I knew what I thought all along. That I would be in love with baby wearing. I decided to purchase a Mei Tai. The Mei Tai is easy. I love it. It's easy. Not as easy as the ring sling, but just as great.

So last night I decided to make another attempt at the Moby. I was hoping that with a slimmer belly and better Guinea pig it would work. It did. She loves the Moby. I loved how easy it was to move around in. I have to tell you that even if you are intimidated keep trying. It's really not so bad. The one thing I can say is it was pretty hot with it on. So now that I feel confident in my beginner wrapping skills I feel like I can do something that I've dreamed of all along. Investing in a beautiful woven wrap. I love seeing these wraps being used online. I've never seen it in person. Or really any baby wearing for that matter.

The art of wrapping intrigues me. I've you tubed the crap out of woven wraps in the past nine months. To me it's the pro level of baby wearing. That's just me personally. So now that I feel like I can purchase one without it being a waste of money I better start saving. You would be surprised how much a piece of fabric cost. Those people are making a killing.

This is M and I in the Moby. Once I get the woven I'll add my attempts. It will definitely be a learning experience. The day I have M in a back carry with a woven will be a great day.

Yes I'm in pajamas and look like crap. It was one of those days.

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