Monday, September 26, 2011

M's New Skill

About a week ago I put M down on her play mat and went to go change. When I came back out the stinker was on her belly. I thought it was a fluke since at her age it's pretty early to be rolling over. She was 11 weeks yesterday. Well I guess it's not early for M. In the past few days she has mastered the art of rolling over. She now gets ticked if she is somewhere where she can't roll over. i.e rock n' play, car seat, and bouncer.

I wasn't ready for this. So now she is on some pretty heavy supervision. Lets just hope she's not an early walker. I'm not ready to put all my crap up. Speaking of walking early. I need to get out a little thing that gets under my skin. I think it's the early childhood educator in me. Having a baby that goes straight to walking is not something to brag about. Crawling is a very important step in a babies development. It's important that if your baby doesn't crawl that you work with them on learning how to do so. The reason being that crawling is the first lesson in crossing sides of the brain. Babies that never crawled may have a harder time learning to read in the future. It can also effect language development. There I got that out.

So now that I went off on a ramble unrelated to this post here is a video of M rolling over. My baby is adorable.

As her mother it is my job to think she is the smartest thing EVER. We are both at fault for calling her a genius 500 times a day. So in more doting mom fashion here is a bonus video of our prodigy.

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