Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Things We Love

I thought I'd make a post about some of the books and music that M and I love. Most of the time we listen to a mix I made of music from different genres. It has anything from Cash to Marley to Bocelli. I'm not in to songs that are too kiddish. Those songs we sing, but CDs not so much.

This is For The Kids which is put out by VH1 Save The Music. Love. Love. Love. There are also two other CDs and they are just as great. These are various artist collection. Many of them artists that you know or might know. M loves it. So there is one plus. Another major plus is that I actually enjoy them too.

This is one of the many amazing CDs from the Putumayo Presents series. Really there are so many amazing CDs to chose from. We have World Playground, African Playground, Memphis Blues, Dreamland, and many more. I can't stop collecting them! One thing that is really important to me is that M is exposed to other cultures other than her own.These CDs are a great way to do that. I actually had these before M even came along. My excuse was that I wanted them for work. Really I would listen to them all the time in my car.

Mama's Milk is a great book for the breastfed child. For me the appeal in this book is mainly for when M is older. I want her to see how normal and natural breastfeeding is in a society that doesn't view it as so. This book goes over animal mothers nursing their babies. The pictures are beautiful. The words are beautiful. Definitely a wonderful read.

Even if you don't carry your baby this is such an amazing book to have in your child's library. For me the draw was so that M could see all the ways people around the world carry their babies just like I carry her. It really goes beyond that though. This book is a wonderful look at the life of people all around the world. I cannot wait till school starts back up so I can read this to my class.

This book has to be my favorite. Really anything by Todd Parr is great. We have several of his books already, but I definitely want them all. It's Okay to Be Different is probably my favorite. We also have The Peace Book and The I Love You Book. Each of his books has the kind of message I want M to hear.

Happy Reading! I hope you enjoy these as much as we do!

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