Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Homemade Splash Mat

I wanted to try this really cute idea for a splash mat for M. It seemed so simple and everything it required I had on had. So when we got home today I got everything rounded up and started in. Luckily M was napping for all of this including dishes and cleaning. Go M!

You'll need:

Duct Tape
Ziploc Bag
Items like teether, toys, pom poms, etc.

First I put all the items in the Ziploc bag. Next add the water. I decided to add a little red food coloring to the water. You don't want too much water or the objects won't float around when you hit the bag. Let all the air out which may leak out some of the water. Then seal the bag and add the duct tape for extra coverage. I would have liked to have had some glitter or pom poms to add the the splash mat. Since it was so easy to do I'll probably make another one later. If M likes it half as much as the cat does then we're in luck. Here is the finished product!

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