Monday, August 15, 2011

Mei Tai Lovin'

Several days ago I got my first Mei Tai in the mail. Let me just say that it won't be the last. I thought I'd start off by saying a little history about the Mei Tai. Despite what it looks like the pronunciation of Mei Tai is May-Tie. Mei being to carry on the shoulders and Tai being belt or band. I've also read of it's meaning being many ties. This type of carrier goes back hundreds of years and dates back to Asia.

For me personally I am not a huge fan of buckled carriers. To me they are modern and bulky. Just not what I like, but not a bad choice if it is what suits your family best. They definitely have a lot of great qualities. Baby wearing has been the most amazing bonding experience for me. I love to have her close as I go about the day. The reason I like the more traditional "old school" carriers like the Mei Tai and the ring sling is the kind of back to basic feeling I get. To me it feels natural. I admire how these women throughout history in other cultures raise their babies. I really feel like that is what draws me to this type of baby wearing. One thing I would love for M is for her to love and admire these cultures as well.

This particular carrier is from I decided to go with build your own so I could get something specific to my taste and style. That way it would go with a lot of my clothes. It took about two weeks to come in the mail which is the ship time the seller expects. I've had custom items take a month or more so I was very pleased with the ship time. Even though the seller sent a booklet with different ways to tie the carrier I still went on YouTube to watch some videos. So I'll leave you with some really informative Mei Tai clips! Happy baby wearing! for back carry for front carry 3+months for front carry newborn

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