Sunday, August 21, 2011

Boobs Are For Babies

Lately I've been working on my nursing in public skills. At first I was pumping and bringing along bottles when we went out in public. Then I got pissed at myself for catering to the needs of people who I don't agree with. Why should I care if I offend you when you have no reason to be offended? To me boobs are for babies. You wouldn't get offended if some girl trotted in with a barely there tank top on. So why are you offended when you can see the back of my babies head in front of my breast?

So I bought a cover. Well first I bought this little strap that clips to any blanket to become a cover. It was cheap so I figured why not. I tried and tried at home to get that piece of crap to work, but it ended in me throwing it across the room and crying. Guess my hormones were still up? My next attempt was a cover from Target that I had high hopes for. It had a wire in the front so it would stick out and allow me to still see M. Well so it claimed. Not so much. She would thrash and cry and break latch. That's about all that was good for. I actually did nurse in public a couple times with it and ended up in the bathroom each time. Sitting on the public toilet with my pants up with people knocking to get in. Lovely.

Still I refused to pump and bottle. So this week has been a turning point. No more bottles. No more covers. Nursing shirts seem to be impossible to find. They are either a fortune or poorly reviewed. So it is what it is and I'm nursing in public. If you don't like it don't look. If it offends you then I feel sorry for you. I feel sorry that you have been so mislead by society that you feel you should be offended.

It's my right to nurse in public. I feel it's my daughter's right to eat without being covered by a sheet where she is snorting for air. It's her right to not have to eat in a bathroom. It's her right to have what she wants which is a boob not a bottle! So join me in burning your covers!

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