Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Day In The Park

Today was beautiful. The weather was perfect and in the shade it was even better. My sister and I decided to take the babies to the park for a picnic. M is lovin' her cousin who is a couple months older than her. Well really she usually makes him cry by having her hands on him. The day was awesome. We got sandwiches and headed to the park to lay out some blankets. My sister read books to the babies and we just hung around and talked. We took them over to the swings and luckily we both fit on them. They love being outside. I usually take M out on our porch if it's nice out to read. She likes being out there and it's a nice change from reading and doing things indoors. I also like to walk around with her and point out what we see. I try to be descriptive by naming things by color and amount. Like 'Look at the the red truck.' It's never too early to start this.

Here is the best part of the day. I nursed in the park! Uncovered and in all it's glory. I loved it. It felt so freeing. M loved it. Well who knows, but it seemed like it. Granted I'll be a little more discreet in a restaurant, but it was an awesome first step. I want to share a picture, because I love it and I'm proud. It was so natural and so right. I am breastfeeding hear me roar!

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