Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Finding the humor

In my whole five weeks of motherhood I have realized that sometimes you just have to laugh. Like when it's four in the morning and poop comes flying out not only hitting the third diaper in the past five minutes, but the stuffed animals and chair as well. Maybe it's when what used to take a matter of minutes is now one of the hardest parts of the day. Like checking the mail or finding the time to pee. I've had The Dilemma for six weeks now. Netflix might like that back.

This was my week of exercise which has yet to start. It's only Wednesday so that's not too bad, right? Monday was my first attempt at walking. I somehow managed to make it to the Civic Center in the pouring rain with M. No easy task. Why do strollers suck so bad? Getting that massive heap in my trunk was ridiculous. Then M's car seat and diaper bag which together weigh about five tons. We get there to meet my sister and her three month old only to learn that our strollers can't be on their track. They have one that my sister can use, but I didn't have her sling. Damn. On top of that they had just re varnished the basketball court and the whole place reeked. Not so good for babies. So Monday was out and after that all I really wanted was a stiff drink. Of course that didn't happen. At least I got to watch The Bachelor Pad that night.

We made the date to try walking again today which turned in to eating at a local Mexican restaurant that ended in fried ice cream. After that we both felt too sick and decided to try again tomorrow. Maybe someday I will lose the last twenty pounds. Maybe. With my new wisdom all I can do is laugh.

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