Saturday, August 13, 2011

Fluffy Mail!

There's nothing like new diapers! It's odd how cloth diapering can become such a wonderful addiction. Who would of thought that I'd be counting down the days until diapers would come to my doorstep. We started off with twelve Bumgenius One Size diapers to test the waters of the cloth diaper world. Since we've tried them and fallen in love (well I have) we decided to order twelve more. Twenty four diapers are the recommended amount for newborns. I was so glad to get these in because washing diapers every day was getting old.

We've gotten a pretty good system down for diapering in the past few weeks. There is a trash can with a lid and foot peddle next to her changing table for the diapers. After I take off the soiled diaper I take out the insert and toss it in the pail. We use a reusable pail liner from planet wise.
Now that we have twenty four diapers I can start washing every other day. As for wipes I still use disposables and put them in our bathroom trash. You would think being out and about would be tricky, but really it's not bad. I keep a wet bag also by planet wise in her diaper bag. When she has a dirty diaper I put it in the bag and separate it later at home.

Washing is also pretty simple. Prewash cold and then a regular cycle on hot with a small amount of detergent. Once that cycle is done do one more rinse. I've been doing the rinse on hot as well. The colored "shell" part of the diaper has to hang dry, but they dry quickly and are ready in no time. I through mine over my shower. Your inserts tumble dry which for my dryer takes about thirty minutes.

Something new I'm trying today is sunning the diapers. I've read multiple articles that say setting your diapers out in the sun will take out the stains. I'll post back on whether or not this works. As you can see I don't have a very ideal spot for sun. Judging by this picture it looks like they're all pretty much in the shade. Damn.

This post wouldn't be complete without cute pictures of M in her cloth diapers! You can also see her new love the seahorse.

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