Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Baby Food Making

Since Natalie is not of age to start baby led weaning, but ready for food I have been making it myself. I did for Molly in the weeks leading up to her turning six months. Even though she sat up on her own I wasn't ready to hand her a banana yet. With Natalie being four months she's got awhile.
If you don't know what baby led weaning is the jist of it is that you don't do purees. You go straight to solids in the form of soft or steamed fruits and veggies cut into fry shapes. Some of Molly's first favorites were avocado and asparagus. I cannot wait to hand miss Natalie her first piece of food. Until then I have really been enjoying our new Baby Bullet.
I'm not about to talk down on jar food. Molly had her share in her day and Natalie will at some point too. However there is something about watching your babies food go from whole form to puree.
I decided to start out with carrots. Really just because we had some in the house. I chopped up three which filled all six jars. For her that's three days of food, lunch and dinner.

I over boiled them to make sure they were nice and smooshy to puree.

How cute is this thing? The smiley faces really do something to brighten your mood. Molly is obsessed. I thought the Baby Bullet worked easily and got the job done. I need to puree a little longer next time with the carrots. I noticed a couple little chunks that of course couldn't be fed to her.

Seriously the best part is these little jars. One they are adorable. Two that little dot around the top is to set the date that is was made. How cool is that?

Oh my lord I love food!

Next I moved on to sweet potatoes. This was just two! So 15 servings and 7 and a half days worth of food. The ice tray was put in the freezer. Once they harden you can pop them off and store them in a Ziploc bag with a date.

Currently we are on asparagus that was left over from dinner. A little less than half a bunch filled all six jars.

Even sister likes to help!

Yeah this didn't last long. The next picture is quite sad and led to mama stepping in.

Just because I'm cute.

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