Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Getting Fit {updated pictures & progress}

Guess what? It's still happening. I have to say I'm shocked that I am still at this. I hate to say it, but it's not like me. My plans have changed many times since my first post on healthy living. I feel like I've hit my stride and have found a path that will get me where I need to go.

We had a brief run in with the Paleo diet. Diet as in way of eating not way of losing weight. Though it can get you there. I know you may look at some Paleo recipes and think barf, but seriously everything I made was good. What got us in the end was lunches. Lunches were so hard to plan, and I got tired of Adam complaining.

Here is what I took away from Paleo. We have seriously cut down on processed foods. We have also cut down on things with gluten. It's not totally out, but if we can get it gluten free we do. The only food I eat that is gluten free, but still not really good for you is gluten free brownies and cookies. I can't quit sweets, and I shouldn't if I want my new body to stay my body. I've also learned the lies of "low fat", "0 calories", and other health craze hot words. Ok I know gluten free brownies falls into that, but like I said I can't quit you.

So right now I am just eating wiser. If I indulge, I indulge. It's not the end of the world. I want to be in better shape, but I don't want to die tomorrow thinking 'shit I should have taken that cookie.'

I've finished the 30 Day Shred. Can I just say how much I love that work out? There is no excuse not to give twenty minutes. The fact that it's short isn't what I love about it though. It's the differences I feel in my body. Yes I've lost weight. At this point 9lbs total, but it's not that. One day I was shaving my legs and I thought 'holy crap my calf!' I started to feel my body and there was firmness. Firm taking place of my cankles. Under my baby pouch is firmness. My back feels different. No I'm not ripped with muscles, but sure enough the soft squishy body I had post babies is turning into muscle.

I've moved on to Ripped In 30. I think it's a good next step for me. The first few days of week 1 I got that sore feeling back. Once I finish I will update again with hopefully more change. I've stepped up my weights and added a kettle bell to replace the weight they use. A milestone I'm proud of, because I seriously have the weakest arms. Natalie can probably lift more than me.

For me it's not just about being thin or being fit. It's about having respect for my body. It's about having a good self esteem not just when I reach my goal, but now. The day I decided I was going to do this I decided that day to love me right then. If I didn't I probably would never be happy with myself. Not just because I would never be satisfied, but because if I didn't love my body I would never be good to it. Personally when I moped around about how I looked I didn't take the steps to change. I would emotionally eat and then feel stuffed and the ball kept rolling.

I love my body. I love what it's becoming and I love what it was. I love that we have the power to change if we want to.

I no longer envy the girls who have an inch of space between their boots and legs. I don't envy the girl that never got stretch marks. I don't envy the size 0. I love me because my body grew two beautiful children. I love my body because I put in the work for this. I love it because it's healthy and it's what God gave me.

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