Wednesday, May 1, 2013

We're Back!

As I have said on here before Molly's toddler antics and Natalie's unsuccessful breastfeeding has really rocked my mama core. I have had feelings that I'm just not as good of a mom as I use to be. Dumb, but I've felt it. I do need to add that as time passes these feelings have faded. I've accepted that she is not at the breast. We have also found a discipline technique that works for M without being to harsh or too light. All and all things have been great around here. Having two has not been hard, but it has been an adjustment. I can say now that we are adjusted.

So in those doubting times I had made a decision to return to something familiar. Cloth diapers. I loved cloth diapering Molly. We went until about a year. I'm not really sure why we stopped. It wasn't hard. It wasn't gross. It just ended. At this point who cares, because she's been in underwear only the past month.

The fact that she is now potty trained probably made this decision a lot easier. We would only cloth diaper one. I would have two kids under two, but buy diapers for no one. That sort of thing. The biggest reason I decided to buy cloth diapers again was to feel like me. Not breastfeeding and having a baby made me feel like I wasn't myself. So I wanted to get back to something I believed in.

 I had already sold all of Molly's old diapers so I got the fun task of buying new ones! This time I wanted something different. So I switched from Bum Genius to Alva. They have adorable prints. The price point is amazing. About $5.99 a diaper.

The diapers are adorable. From minky fabric to over the top Tokyo street fashion prints. I'm in love and so glad to be cloth diapering again!

My tush feels amazing in this minky diaper!

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