Monday, May 27, 2013

What We've Been Doing Lately

These days have been perfect. I knock on wood every time I say this, but Molly has been so sweet. I feel like I have my sweet little girl back. There was a point when I worried having Natalie had broken her heart, but these past days have shown me that her heart has grown like the rest of ours. I just can't imagine Natalie not being apart of us.

We've been making changes as to how we spend our time. The TV is on in the mornings so Molly can watch her beloved Dora and Bubble Guppies. Then it gets shut off and we spend our time outdoors in the beautiful weather or playing. It's been good for the soul, and honestly I feel more like the mom I want to be. I feel productive.

Molly has just fallen for her sister. She is so loving towards her and always wants her put wherever she is. I think my heart could burst in these moments. When I had Molly I never thought I could feel so much love as I did seeing her grow and learn. Now that I have them both I know there is no love like seeing the love they have for each other. It doesn't matter what Molly does. If she is in Natalie's line of vision that girl is smiling. Tonight Natalie was screaming from gas pain and Molly was gently patting her and shushing her. When I hear people say how terrible having two kids can be I question how these moments don't overpower any struggle.

If you haven't heard of Window Crayons you have to get on that. For us it's a guaranteed minimum ten minute attention span.  Which if you have a toddler is like a years time.

Molly got a special treat for following along while I tok pictures of her. She did her best, but that poor girl. In ways she's a tom boy because she ends up messy. In other ways she's a girly girl because she hate the woods, tall grass, etc. So all in all I got five pictures, but she did try and that's what matters most.

We have been taking full advantage of the spring air. I think Natalie loves being outside as much as her sister.

Last week the husbands were out golfing so Bree and I spent the afternoon outdoors. This sprinkler is perfect. They wouldn't run across it without us which wasn't so fun though. Unfortunately our hose is some pretty cold water.

I just love bath time photos. I have to admit it's not just the memories, but the bathtub is just an awesome reflector!  Molly is fiercely independent. She loves to do for herself, so this week I got her "big girl bath stuff." The bar of soap is Johnsons Buddies Easy-Grip Sudzing Bar. It's easy to hold and she is learning to wash herself with it. Her favorite part is definitely washing her bath baby though. Of course. I love the Montessori method which I why we are starting to show her how to keep herself clean. She really does prefer doing her own shampoo. I help once she is done and then let her rinse. She's getting there and it's fun to watch her try. She really takes pride in doing things. 

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I know she is just over four months. I know most people would now say you should wait till they are six months. Well congrats on your PhD from Google. I was so huge on waiting with Molly, but at 5 months the signs were there. So we started some purees and then two weeks later moved on to baby led weaning. She loved it and did really well. Natalie has a lot of the signs as well. She is way too young for baby led weaning so for now we will stick to cereals and try some puree. A couple weeks ago I had a great garage sale find! A baby bullet for $20. For now I will use it. I'm think sweet potatoes will be her first.

In other news we got Molly's ears re pierced yesterday. I can't believe how well she did. There was only one worker so she had to do them one at a time. Our brave girl sat still for both and didn't cry. I was so proud of her!

All in all things have been great. All of these things are very much every day moments. Now I just see the wonder in the simple things. Having these girls means savoring every moment and taking the time to really cherish them.


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