Monday, June 10, 2013

Is This What Hope Looks Like?

I know. I'm crazy and probably getting my hopes up, but this just happened. Don't ask me. I was leaning over to pat Natalie's bum to sleep. When I walked away I felt a familiar feeling. A leaked on shirt. Immediately I got out my old dusty pump from the back of my closet.
I stored it there months ago in my depressed state. Yes, I know it's like a quarter of an ounce, but it's something. It's a possible start. Or restart. I've heard of crazier things. Adoptive moms taking herbs and pumping like crazy and successfully breastfeeding. This is worse than that. Not worse but a further stretch.
This is two months with bottles. Is there even a chance? If you know me you know I'm going to try. It's worth a shot. So with my mind racing I know I will be walking us down to CVS tomorrow to pick up some fenugreek. I know I'll be tied to my pump. I know I won't be seeing dairy for awhile. I just don't know how the heck I even begin to get this girl to latch.

1 comment:

  1. Cross your fingers and pray. A weekend in bed, a grandma for sis and patience. Give it a shot, you have nothing at all to loose.