Thursday, June 27, 2013

"She's Going To Be A Stripper"

Seriously. This was said to me at one of those home sale parties. Not just once, but multiple times from the same woman. This was of course the first time I've heard the same round about comment in this particular way. I have to give her an A+ for creativity.

You know the comments though. The "you've got your hands full" comments. So let me just get this off my chest.

You would be lucky to have a daughter like mine. What you see as wild I see as spirit. What you see as hard to control I see as guided and supported. I don't want a drone. I don't want some crazy kid either. You would be so lucky to have a child that can figure out her surroundings and make things happen for herself. You would be lucky to have a child that goes after what she wants.

Do you know why you would be so lucky? Because the person she is now is the person she will be. She is a go getter. She can make things happen for herself. She can figure it out without your help. She can push boundaries. She has a passionate heart and she wears it on her sleeve. Her spirit draws you in.

So what you see as difficult. I see as admirable. What you see as needing correction. I see as needing to be nurtured.

You guessed it. Sometimes her bull headedness can be overwhelming. Sometimes the fact that she can open every single safety device we have is daunting. Sometimes the fact that she could give two shits if I'm "leaving without her" can be tiring. But I wouldn't take another child for the world, because I can see where this child is going.

FYI if that is a stripper she will be the best damn stripper in that whole joint!

And that's all we have to say...


  1. Who says that about a two year old? That woman was obviously crazy cakes.

  2. She is! Very crazy. I just kind of stood there like drr. A little while later Molly did her scream she loves today, and the lady looked at her grand baby and was like "You will never do that will you?" Really I wanted to punch her, but the fact that yes he will one day do that gave me peace.