Saturday, June 22, 2013

Learning On The Swing

Molly would live in her swing. She would just live outside if we would let her. The only draw back to taking her outside is the dreaded taking her back inside. So since she is in her prime outdoors and in her swing I wanted to think of some ways to incorporate learning.


"What do you see that is green?" Once she names something green I help point out other things that our green.


"Do you hear the bird?" I then mimic the noise and have her mimic it too.

Body Parts

This has to be her favorite. I push the swing high and then pretend like she is hitting me. "Ouch my arm, shin, elbow, etc." It does require hiking my leg in an ungraceful fashion.


Move the swing a certain amount of times before you let go. Don't stop at just three. Try different numbers each time.


Play I spy. Don't just use colors. "I spy something on wheels." "I spy something barking."


Just talk about how it feels outside. Is it cold, warm, hot? What does the sky look like? Are the leaves green? What are we wearing and why?

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