Sunday, July 14, 2013

You may be worried about how to explain two men holding hands, but I'm worried about how to explain the violence and the hate.

My heart hurts. It hurts a lot lately. It hurts for the people who can't afford tomorrow. It hurts for the people who won't wake up to tomorrow. It hurts for the people who don't even want to.

I want to just step away from a lot of things right now. I want to hold on to my faith and block out what my religion has become. My heart can't take the hurt being spread in the name of God. I can't take any more cruelty to God's children. I fear for the day when my girls can take these things in. How can their innocent minds process what mine can't?

So to my beautiful innocent girls: God loves you and he loves all of those around you. God made his creation and he called it good. He wants you to spread love. He wants you to be kind. Know this above all. Those words came from him countless times. Jesus fed the poor. He gave all. He wants you to do the same. The harder you work the more you can give. God is peace. Spread peace. Be a light in a dark world.

God did not pick and chose who he accepts and loves. God does not point fingers or encourage you to do the same. God does not say your sin is less than the person you persecute. Jesus did not hoard his wealth. He did not tell you to call names and ridicule the poor. He did not praise the men who gave little and had a lot. He praised the woman who had little and gave all she had. God did not say treat violence with violence.

My heart is so heavy with the hate for people who want to be free to love who they love. It's heavy with so much talk about the lazy system abusers. It's heavy for a society who thinks it's ok to stalk and murder a child because they look a certain way. It's heavy because his murderer will walk away with the gun he used to kill him. It's heavy that all these things are ok. It's sickened that most of these people who say these things call themselves Christian.

So to my two sweet girls. Fill your heart with God. Feel his love and acceptance. Share that. Spread that. Pay no attention to where those words are coming from. Know God. Don't bother knowing the rest of it.

"I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ."Gandhi

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