Sunday, July 21, 2013

What We've Been Doing Lately

I know I'll take this back in a couple months, but I am ready for the slow winter. These days are flying by. If it's not sessions it's places to be. Our weekends seem to be filled with multiple obligations on each day. As much fun as being busy can be I'm ready to take it easy.
The last weekend of June was the annual fireworks show. Adam and I have gone to the same spot since we met. Usually we pack a picnic and get there early, but I had a session at 7pm so we just rushed there to get a spot. Molly loved that we took her bubble machine along. She may have liked that more than the fireworks. She just loves being outside! It was a little chilly. Chillier than I expected and like usual I wasn't prepared for the weather. Molly loved the show. She would say the usual oohhh, awe, and then added a kaboom. Of course we were being the crazy parents who thought it was the cutest thing ever. Natalie loved them too! She didn't cry or seem startled in the least bit. It was a relief!

Then on July 4th we had family over to grill out and shoot off our own fireworks. Mainly smoke bombs and fountains. We're not too crazy. Not much tops seeing the wonder in your child's eyes. Especially when you know what that wonder felt like. She loved the 4th of July. Natalie had the funniest reaction! She got so wide eyed and would just scream and laugh. I had never seen her like that!

Keeping it real with our family photo

For Molly's birthday we decided on a whim to go to the zoo. We took her last year for our anniversary when she was 11 months. No doubt this was so much more fun. She had the best time. Like I said the wonder she had and the excitement was just too much for my heart.


Just this week Molly got her first hair cut. Well not really first. We had to trim a little piece in the front when she was a baby. She had like five strands that just hung down in her eyes. This was her first hair cut though. After much prompting from Adam I finally took her. I guess I didn't realize how wild and woolly she was till she had it cut. I was shocked at how well she did. Before we went we watched Daniel Tiger get is hair cut on Netflix. She is a wild thing but yet a girly girl. I think she ate up that she was getting her hair done. She even nabbed my jewelry as we were walking out the door.

Another first this week was Molly's first movie. I took her to Turbo. I thought a talking animal might hold her attention more. She downed some reeses pieces and fell asleep in about five minutes so really I could have taken her to see The Conjuring and she wouldn't have noticed.

All in all it's been a great month. Life is just what it's suppose to be right now. Even though it's crazy we still manage to make the moments count. Some days I just have to slow down, take a step back, and be thankful.

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