Tuesday, July 30, 2013

To My Six Month Old

It occurred to me recently that my little love turned six months about two weeks ago and I've yet to write to you. I still haven't even done your six month pictures! It doesn't surprise me, because since you have entered our lives we have been thrown into the most wonderful whirlwind. Time is slipping by and the only way to fight it is to make each moment count.

You are a breath of fresh air, love. You are just such a calm peaceful baby. Of course you have your moments like any baby or person, but you are so sweet. Your smile which you give out so readily just lights up whoever is around you. I've never know such a smiley baby.

Maybe it's because you are my second. Maybe it's just you, but you have such a calming effect on me. I know it's right. You being in our family is just right. The timing was just right.

You are a mama's girl in every sense of the term. Whenever I take you from someone else I feel your body just go at ease. I know this stage might not last. You still may end up a total daddy's girl like your sister. So even though you only tolerate being with someone else for a period of time I am still soaking this up. You are definitely mine.

For your inevitable future doubt in your role as a mother I want to share what you have taught me. You love me regardless. You relax in my arms regardless. You are happy and healthy regardless. Regardless of the breast milk. Regardless if you got almost two years right next to me each night. Regardless if your sister was doing who knows what and you had to cry for a second. All the times I've beat myself up because I didn't feel like I was doing perfect, you love me regardless.

Having you hasn't added chaos. It hasn't made things harder. It's made my eyes open. It's made me slow down where it matters. It's made me cherish every second.

I love you Natalie Sue, my somehow already six month old

one day

three days

one month

two months

three months

four months

five months

you today, since I still haven't done your six month pictures!

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