Thursday, May 15, 2014

What We've Been Doing Lately

These past couple months have felt so busy. I'm not sure why because they have consisted of a whole lot of nothing. I guess time is just passing by to quickly. In two short months we will have a three year old. I really can't wait. From one to two was pretty difficult with Molly. The first part of two got a little better, but the bad times were oh so bad. Of course she is no angel, but we have been in this really good grove for awhile now. The hard times are few and far between. Still those hard times can be hell.

Three can bring it on though. I'm excited for a preschooler. I love this little kid she has become and so does she. She has always been pretty independent. I can brag on that. Hey she can't count and I know your kid is counting to 500 and knows x, y, z, but this girl does her own thing. She's not one of those kids that you lose it when they say they want to do it themselves, because generally she does it well. It's nice. It makes me rethink having three kids. Being at this point with Natalie would be insane. What do you do with yourself? Besides open up a million more mothering issues.

We tried out kiwi crate. It was fun. Molly got excited over it. Especially the cape. Well only the cape. The other things were a little commit ball and a mask. Those have already been thrown away. Mind you this was two months ago. We didn't renew the subscription. Maybe some other time. She absolutely loves this cape though. 

Awhile back I took a page out of Parent magazine. It had this clay jewelry craft. Molly found it one day and carried it around for a week. She kept talking about doing it and showing everyone. So I finally made it to the store and we bought all the stuff to do it. The steps held her interest. She loved it. Surprisingly it's held up and we still have it. 

Easter was awesome. After having a Christmas that was kind of overwhelming for Molly it was nice to see them happy and running around. The whole day was just relaxing. Natalie was definitely always contest since food was always in arms reach. 

We have been having a lot of movie nights around here. Don't let the couple of crafts fool you. We are a movie watching house. I don't claim to be no screens till 10 around here. So for some special time for the girls we play Molly's movie pick. I can imagine sister fights on this some day in the near future. For now Nat is just excited about the popcorn. So we have our movie night popcorn bowl that they know right away. We lay out blankets and eat and watch a movie. It's fun and easy. And yes that is Natalie covered in chocolate. 

If you don't have this bad boy, get it. It's the best $10 I've ever spent. It's a baking play dough set. Just so many minutes of complete concentration. We never did play dough at home growing up. My grandma was in the mind set of I'm not cleaning that shit up. When Molly asks to do it I run to get it. For no noble reasons. Just the fact that I want her to sit still for like 10 minutes. 

My nephew turned 3! I still can't believe how fast these years have gone by. He is just so sweet. Being around him is so different especially now. Every day we see the boy in him and the girl in her. When I taught preschool there most often times were those differences in boys and girls and as they got older they became more apparent. We are at that point with them. Still the best of friends and more like siblings. It is such an awesome bond to see. 

We made a bird house. Well I kind of helped. She painted over all of mine. I am not a super crafty pinterest person. So buying a constructed bird house and some paint is something I can handle. I struggle between feeling like we should do more and accepting that that just isn't me. 

The most exciting thing of what we've been doing lately is me becoming an aunt again in October! I am so excited. Molly and Aiden are like whatever. Sometimes he's excited other times he denies a baby will be coming home with them. As it gets closer and he gets older he seems to be more and more excited. I can't wait to love on a little baby that I don't wake up with in the night!

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