Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Weekend

This was a much needed weekend for us. With Adam closing out the books for his company and then starting the work on opening for the new owners he's been gone so much. So we wanted to make the most of the weekend, and I think we succeeded. 

To start off, Friday my sister kept the girls and we went to see X Men. So so good. I am a huge X Men fan. Like did my college power point presentation on it. Hey, the teacher said it could be anything. I used to own all the movies, but when I was poor and living on my own I sold them all to a used movie store for grocery money. Sad. Afterwards we went out for drinks. We haven't been on a date in about a year. Not because we are against leaving our kids, but because the time has seriously flown by.  Being able to talk without a million interruptions felt so foreign. We took full advantage and had a great talk about where our future was heading. 

Saturday was a total lazy day. I can't even remember what we did besides watch Lost. When Sunday rolled around I had to do something different. Having a Netflix marathon was not how I envisioned the weekend. So we threw together a quick party with our family. The kids had a blast. I bought a two pack of these Styrofoam squirters for like $4 and they were a hit. A little bit of a regret for the adults, but the kids loved them. It was time well spent. I've been reading a book about being more present in today's age. I really felt like I took time to be with my girls and play at their level. I left with my heart filling full and it was a great start to making this change. Definitely fueled my fire for wanting to do more for my girls. 

My sister was telling us about their plans to camp indoors that night. So of course when we got home we had to do the same. Natalie was already asleep from our drive home around the block. Adam set up a tent in the living room and I threw in a flash light and some blankets. The plan was to sleep in there but it didn't happen. There was no way Molly was going to sleep in there when we were too busy watching out for bears and monsters. She cracks me up when she is pretending now. All of a sudden she has these super dramatic acting skills. Her faces just crack me up. 

On Memorial Day we didn't have anything planned either. Adam used the last of the paper towels and Molly cam running in asking to make a snake. A couple months ago I told her we were going to make a snake the next day. Then me being me it didn't happen till a month later. She loved it. Who knew painting a toilet paper roll would be so much fun. So now any time we finish one she wants to paint it. This one turned out to be a spy glass. Natalie wanted to dig in and help so bad but instead she just wiped up the table. Molly kept telling her "This isn't food baby, it paint. You can't paint you not older." 

Then we headed outside to play. Natalie just wanted to walk around picking flowers. It's her favorite thing to do. I sat down with her and made one of those flower crowns you make as a little girl. I'm rusty! 

Adam was doing yard work. Our house has a million and one issues right now. We just had the foundation fixed and the yard was so torn up. So he was working to plant grass seed. Way back when we went to a conference from the guy that wrote the love languages. Adam's was acts of service. So while I was sitting in the shade I asked if he wanted me to help. Together we finished the yard. Which seriously sucked, but was fun to do together. I could see how much he appreciated it and it felt good. To thank me he got pizza for dinner and my favorite brownie. 

We found that we have complete opposite love languages. Which is something that has really changed our relationship. Sometimes it's hard to show love in a way that is so different from the way you feel loved, but it felt so good. 

While all this fun happened and it was a great weekend we can't forget what the weekend is all about. I am so thankful to all the men and women who have given their lives for our freedoms. My heart is with all their families as they grieve the loss of their loved ones. Especially during this time. 

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