Friday, May 23, 2014

Molly Now

It occurred to me recently that I haven't wrote much about how Molly is doing. (or anything for that matter.) There has definitely been plenty of change and thankfully it's in a good direction.

Molly no longer has issues with Pica. Pica being classified as eating non food items for a period longer than a month. She rarely eats something. Recently chap stick. I have caught her in cat things a couple times recently. That is really it. She doesn't try to eat the bubbles while washing hands or any of the other things. We don't talk about it. I haven't told her good job or anything. My worry is that she may think hey let me prove my mom wrong and be a turd and eat that. This is coming from eating non food items multiple times a day with a struggle over the removal of those items. So this is what I'm happiest to report.

As far as sensory issues we still struggle. Bath time and tooth brushing is still a nightmare. We have come up with a pretty good way to rinse hair though. I just need a towel right there in order for her to wipe her eyes each rinse even though her head is back. I think for her even if the water isn't in her eyes she gets panicked that it will be. Brushing teeth is just the worse part of the day. I say this and I think a lot of parents would say well most kids don't like brushing their teeth. Issues with sensory is different. It's not a refusal to brush or them beating around the bush to do it. It's screaming in pain, crying, thrashing around. It appears to us that she truly does feel like it is painful. I don't know if there is also a panic in something she can't control or feeling a gagging feeling. At this age she is too young to tell us. I do look forward to a day when she can communicate with us what she feels when things seem to throw her in a panic. Until then when we can't truly understand what she feels we try to be understanding and calm.

Another good step forward is that during the time when things seemed really worrisome and we sought help she did a lot of spacing out. She seemed to shut down and stare off when she was nervous. Mainly when there was a lot of people around.

Several things seemed to have changed with her. Most of the time I'm just thankful, but sometimes it makes me wonder. Why did it start in the first place or was I seeing what I thought I was? It just seems strange.

I started writing this post a week or so ago and never hit publish. Maybe because I just don't know what to think about it so I don't really know what to say. It's all still very weird to me. I know kids go through stages and funks even. Maybe that's just that, but to go from so much concern even from her doctor to several of the behaviors being done with no reason why they started feels odd.

However she did go to the doctor today for something unrelated and he mentioned how she was doing and if things were better. I explained all of this but I also mentioned something that has come back up. Something she was doing at the time only not as often and the behavior has morphed some. He seemed concerned which surprised me. I know it's not something that would be considered normal but without the pica I figured it was nothing. He is referring us again to children's mercy. I won't go out of my way to get her in as soon as possible. I won't even look for other places. If the wait is like the last time we could be looking at six months even till she is seen. I think I'm just surprised he referred her, but I trust his opinion and whatever we need to do we will do.

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