Friday, October 11, 2013

Week 3: Forest Animals

I first picked a woodland animal theme after finding a really cute printable pack. I was a little hesitant because I wasn't sure how far I could go with it. To my surprise the week was full and I found some great things online! We used the theme to talk a lot of the word 'habitat'
To start off with habitats and forest animals I made a picture to hang in the discussion area and put the word habitat in all caps above it. Each day we would go over the different animals in the picture and how they shared a habitat, but went more specifically into each ones home. Like where snakes live versus birds in the woods. Part of the printable pack had the numbers 1-10 and that's what was in the pocket chart this week. I used Jesse the giraffe to help count out the cards. It held Molly's interest more when it was a game where she had to feed Jesse the cards.

I found another online resource that had these animal cards on it. I used the laminator to turn it into a ring book. We would get it out and go over animals, but for the most part it was on the science shelf.


We also did some more prewriting practice. It was cute to see that as soon as I sat them down she knew just what to do!

This bird matching game was probably one of her favorite activities. She needed little direction or help. It was complete pretty quickly and she did it several times throughout the week. Definitely a winner!

I saw a craft online to make a squirrel with a paper roll. I ended up not having any black to make gray so I figured it would be a brown squirrel. Then I realized I didn't have the right stuff to make the tail. We changed it up to be an owl. Molly loved this! She played with it every day. One morning she showed it to Adam and told him what it was. She pointed to the wings and told him "wings, it fly!"

We also did a few coloring sheets with animal names written underneath.


I used our number cards and some acorns from the yard for  a counting game

I save a lot of baby food jars so I used this, hot glue, and some acorns to make another shaker for the music instruments.

We made a mural with some coloring pages. She liked the water colors, but asked for markers after awhile. I used the markers to practice colors. I'd ask where the green was and she would pick it out etc. If she was having trouble I'd hold up two and ask her which one was the color.

We did our first small, medium, large activity this week too. It was brief, but the bears worked perfect. She knows small and big, but medium is a new concept for sure.

For the sensory bin I just got some stuff out of our yard. I put a few of the animal figures in at for her to play with. There was definitely a lot of vacuuming going on this week.

Today after during discussion Molly really wanted to play with the blocks. So I got the animals out of the sensory bin and we built them a habitat.

I couldn't think of many crafts so we just made an animal mask. Like most art projects her favorite part is the clean up.

Another part of the pack was these two piece puzzles. At first she didn't have much interest, but I told her the animals needed to find their butts so they could poop. Of course that was funny to her so she started to play with them.

I had these tiny deer from working in preschool and they were perfect this week. She loved this activity! I told her that the deer needed to find their way home. I would hold up a deer and say "this one lives at the 2 home." She would take it and put it with the number. While I was working on these pictures she came up to me and said "deer home!" Then she pointed to the 2 on the screen and said "2" It's always nice to see them talk about something you're working on!

 During this mornings discussion we talked a lot about the bear in his cave. I told her about how bears hibernate and use the fall to store up food. It hit me that I could elaborate on this and make it into an activity. So while she was painting her mask I made this game with construction paper and the laminator. I would hand her an amount of berries and she would put them on the bear. Then she had to find the corresponding sand numeral for the berries. She loved it!

The last thing we did was a sorting game. I wish I would have done acorns instead of feathers. This was the last activity and didn't really amount to much. The feathers were way too much fun and distracting.
Some of her favorite songs this week were:
Bear is sleeping; bear is sleeping
In the cave, in the cave.
I wonder when he'll come out. I wonder when he'll come out.
In the spring, in the spring.

Birds are flying; birds are flying
In the sky, in the sky.
I wonder when they'll come back; I wonder when they'll come back,
In the spring, in the spring
"The Squirrel Song"
Squirrel, squirrel shake your bushy tail!
Squirrel, squirrel shake your bushy tail!
Wrinkle up your little nose,
Hold a nut between your toes.
Squirrel, squirrel shake your bushy tail!
You can find those printables at these links!

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