Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Shy Kid

I had been looking forward to this Monday since we enrolled Molly in dance. We aren't allowed in class except for two weeks out of the season. I was so excited to see her! The first day of class she loved it. She talked about it for days. The second class not so much. She cried for a good portion of it, but stayed in the room. Her third class I didn't get to pick her up or wait outside, but Adam said her face was red.

We talked a lot about class. How I was right outside waiting. She would say over and over "I no need cry." I thought we were getting somewhere! Now I'm pretty aware that Molly doesn't go off easily. I ended up staying with her for VBS. She doesn't make it through a whole Sunday school. I'm aware. Which is why she is in dance.

So that leads us to the not so exciting/more gut wrenching observation night. Adam met us there and we talked up how we were going to watch her. She seemed ok with it. Get in there and she breaks down. She immediately latches onto the teacher and I think let her hand go maybe twice. She didn't do any movements. She didn't relax. She didn't play with the other girls.

It was so sad to see her not feel like she could be her. Not feel comfortable in a place she should. I guess what hurt so much is that I 100% know that feeling. I was exactly the same way as a kid. I never felt easy going and comfortable around other kids. I was in gymnastics for like three weeks and quit because I was just too shy.

I talked to her teacher afterwards. She reassured me that while it didn't seem like it she had come a ways since the start, and that more time would make a difference. I explained my hesitation on taking her out and putting her in Mommy and Me. That is the opposite of what I'm trying to do for her. We can dance around and save $45 at home. I want her to learn to be away from me and feel comfortable making new friends. Luckily she completely agreed and said her daughter was the same way.

I am really praying that this class will bring her out of her shell. I hope it spills over to church and MOPS. Life in general. You never want your child to feel uneasy and afraid to be around people.

Hopefully the next observation week will bring better times and better pictures! For now here are some pictures of Molly clutching onto her teacher for dear life!

she let go!


  1. Braden used to cling to me in "mommy and me" gym classes and I was so worried about him going into a "just me" class last year but he ran in and never looked back! Hopefully doing it with her gets her ready to do it alone :)

  2. I hope! We are going to give it another month. If it doesn't work I'm going to switch her to the mommy and me. Which is what we were going to do in the first place because I thought it would be fun. Then I realized she could be in preschool combo since she is potty trained. I don't want to push her before she is ready either. Hopefully this next month isn't traumatizing!