Sunday, June 8, 2014

Being Present This Week

This has been a good week, but at the same time a tough week. Oh sweet Natalie. Girl has some serious talking skills. It's been an awesome thing to watch develop, but this week it's becoming...a little maddening. Mom, mom, MAAAAMM, MOM. Pretty much 24/7. These are all followed by her asking for something and me saying no and then the mom thing all over again. It was really funny at first, and then the novelty wore off a bit. The girls had a lot of fun pushing buttons this week and it seems as Natalie gets older they are making a pretty good team.

I actually busted my camera out this week. For being a photographer you would think I'd take a lot of pictures, but I don't. I don't know that it's a case of not doing what you get paid to do as much as I have always been conscious that with a camera in hand you are not as truly present. Which is why I never have many pictures of birthdays or holidays. I like to snap a few shots and then just put it away.

Despite that we had some fun things this week. I had a lot of work I had to get done Monday that couldn't really wait. That day had pretty limited fun time with the girls. So that night we went to the store and got some stuff for the next day. Some lunchables and the supplies to make the water blob off pinterest. It was pretty easy to make once the girls stayed back. Like all crafty do it yourself projects I didn't nail it, but it held up at least. The day was wet and gloomy, but we still went out and had a good time.

Since it rained quite a bit the day before we went over to our trusty puddle. We have a spot in our yard that always turns into a huge puddle perfect for splashing in. If it's spring it pretty much becomes a little pond. It was pretty muddy this time, but that just made it all the better of course. 

We did a lot of play time this week which is something I needed to improve. I have really taken advantage of the fact that Molly has always done really well with playing independently and of course because of that Natalie follows along. Now I don't want to now hover and make them dependent on me, but I do want to get more involved more often. 

I walked down the hall and saw her sitting on the bed like this. She was being so sweet with her doll and the light poured in behind her. I ran for my camera because I have this half assed project I've been working on to get shots of the girls in regular real life moments to hang on our walls. Those are the best moments. Then I joined in and we played doctor for the longest time. She could do that from sunrise to sunset. Her imagination is so much like mine when I was young. It's crazy to see. I love the messiness and the messed up blinds. This is us. 

This coming Thursday is our anniversary so Saturday we took the girls to grandma's and went up to the city for shopping and sushi. Every time we saw people with their kids we'd say man we're glad ours aren't here. Which is terrible but true! Going some place with a kid is so much different than without and we rarely do! The past two weeks we've had more dates than I don't know when and there has been two. We should probably up our game. By the end of the day we were ready to see the girls and even missed MAAAAAM.

Tonight was just the best night. Two years ago we bought this fire pit and have used it twice. Then it hit us why don't we roast hot dogs and smores in it? Seriously that possibility just came to us. So we did tonight and it was awesome. The girls absolutely loved it. Our girls love being outdoors, and we ourselves would like to do more things outside but we have never really been those people so it's just getting in that grove. I think we all feel better after being outdoors so I don't know why we haven't always put that as a priority, but we are trying to now. We will definitely make this a regular occurrence. Our plan is to next set up the tent too and do a camping trial run. That way we don't get out to the woods and learn that our kids will freak out. 

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