Monday, June 2, 2014

Being Present This Week

So with my first week after reading Hands Free Mama, and starting another book, I wanted to start keeping track of my progress. One to hold myself accountable and two to have something to look back on when I inevitably beat myself up at some point for slacking.

So hopefully each week or when I can I will write out how I was more present with my family. My goal is that after awhile of accounting for the little things I won't need to anymore because my new approach to living life will become second nature.

We went to the pool twice this week. It was our first time going to the outdoor pool. I finally found swim wear that I felt confident in and it made all the difference. I wasn't trying to hide myself the whole time. I was there with my kids enjoying it.

On Thursday we spent the evening as a family unplugged. We sat around and did letter puzzles and played in the girls playroom.

I went through and left most of the Facebook groups I'm in. I don't want my newsfeed to be as distracting.

We've been keeping the radio off in the car and if there is music it's us singing.

I say yes more. Yes to playing. Yes to going outside. Today Molly came up and wanted to go out and blow bubbles. So we did, and while out there we turned on the sprinkler. It was so much fun, but kind of a mom fail. Half our yard is gone from our foundation being fixed. So it basically turned into a mud pit. I ended up hosing down shoes and we all went back inside as a mess. The old me would be totally irritated in myself. While I was at the sink cleaning the shoes Molly said "Sorry Mommy" I just told her it's ok the mud was fun and we clean up easy.

Friday we decided to go out for dinner. The food wasn't that great, but the time was. The girls did pretty well in the restaurant. Afterwards we walked around the square and saw a new ice cream shop had opened. It was in the style of a 50s diner and the kids loved the swivel bar stools. It was just an easy going night that flood. I think anyone with young kids can appreciate that rarity.

We went to the store afterwards and I got this bucket of bubbles and wands. When we got home it was already dark out, but Molly was asking to blow bubbles so we sat on the porch with the light on. It was just this enjoyable moment where I realized that letting go of seeing these requests as more of an annoyance and instead a time to bond has really changed me.

Last year we didn't go outside that much. It was hard with Natalie and part of me didn't even want to bother going inside knowing how hard it was to get Molly back inside. This summer I want to be different. I want us to be outside doing things. Playing or going on walks. Going to the pool. I've been meaning to write down a summer bucket list and hold us accountable to it.

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