Thursday, June 19, 2014

Being Present This Week

We have had a great couple of weeks. All these weekend weddings have made me feel hectic, but I'm trying to just breath and tell myself it will all get done. We've had a lot of success with phasing out the iPad. She still gets it, but rarely. I think Natalie being the age she is has made it easier. Those two are constantly playing together now.

The past two weeks have been good for activities and me just making myself available, but I often catch myself being on my phone for too long. So that still needs work. I did get back on my treadmill this week which hasn't happened in two months. Part of improving how I spend my time is taking the time to do something for me. Which I want to be thirty minutes of exercise.

I got these little pizzas at the grocery store. They come in a pack of four. I had Molly put all of ours together and she loved it! She was so proud of the end results and loved seeing us all eat her work. For $5 we will definitely do this again.

I ordered some board games off Amazon and once the box came in we had to do everything right then. I'll share more on the games, because seriously they were all awesome and we've been able to add the games into things we can do when we are bored. 

A long with the games we got some Popsicle molds. I thought surely I'd find a way to screw these up, but they are actually pretty easy. They tasted good and my concern of them not coming out easy was wrong. With a little warm water they came out just fine. We made some again tonight. I'm hoping to do some fruit flavored ones soon too. 

Then we ended that week with a sleep over! I picked my nephew up after the wedding I did and they had their first sleep over were they knew what the heck was going on. The same people that make those pizzas make these giant cookies that you bake and decorate. They were actually really good! The kids loved doing it and Natalie just loved eating the frosting. I made popcorn and we watched How To Train Your Dragon. As you can see it was very interesting to them once the dragons were on. 

I don't know if Molly has just had a jump in learning, or if she now is at a point where she will tell us what she knows. It seemed like I couldn't go through a day without hearing my kid is doing XYZ and they are this old. Eeek little genius y'all! It's easy to let those things get you down. So I've been trying to do little things here and there to not overwhelm her. Things that I know she likes. Like instead of just going over letters we match them because she loves matching. I think she would learn better like that. 

We went to see how to train your dragon. She kept saying "this a good moomee!" Like that idiot parent who makes there kid take a picture holding up the boulder I asked her to go stand by the big cut out. I love that she grabbed his hand! 

We got to watch my nephew again so we went outside to play. Just so humid. Meh. If you see a pin wheel, buy it. Best 97 cents I've ever spent. As much as I try to be off my phone now I can't help but take a quick picture. As a photographer I love having photos, but also as a photographer I don't want to be caught up in settings and composition and miss really being there. That's why I love taking a quick picture and then just printing of instagram books. So easy. So addictive. 

Molly went to VBS this week for three days. She loved it! My sister was her teacher which helped a lot. The most exciting thing is that during an activity she counted to ten with her class mates. Yes I was excited that we are finally past three, but what I'm really excited about is that she spoke out loud a long with her peers! Woo hoo! That seriously does not happen and it makes my heart smile! 

While Molly was in VBS the first two days I had sessions so I didn't get to enjoy the benefits of having one kid at an easy age. Tonight however I was all free so we went back to the store to get what we forgot four hours earlier. I know party animals. Driving in though I saw a woman selling ducks, chicks, geese, etc. I decided to pull in after and let Natalie out to see them. She loved it. I seriously wanted to buy all of them. I would LOVE to have a chicken coop. I called my husband after and of course he killed my chicken dreams. It felt good though to do something on the fly and just be there. I had to snap a quick picture though because I was hoping Adam would see her stare longingly at the adorable birds and change his mind. Didn't happen. 

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