Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Sensory Integration

We have taken huge strides in the right direction for answers. I couldn't just wait six months for Children's Mercy. The other hospital hasn't even returned our doctor's call from three weeks ago. So luckily for us First Steps doesn't mess around and they sent someone out last Monday to come talk to me. 

She asked questions about her sleep, bathing, eating, etc. We both agreed that she probably wouldn't qualify for services because she had no delays, but that I needed to pursue this based on what I was telling her. She even referred me to a pediatric behaviorist  that has a private practice. They answered and called back two days later with a March 3rd appointment! We can't wait!

Then today First Steps came out again to observe Molly. I have worked with this woman for some time when I worked at Head Start. She is so knowledgeable so I couldn't wait to hear her thoughts. While this isn't a diagnosis it is a big step with a lot of answers that could lead to a possible diagnosis. Her doctor wants us to bring all the First Step findings to her appointment. 

She does not see autism. Based on her interactions with me. She was concerned that when she meets the doctor he may think autism because those interactions will be very different. She feels like Molly's behaviors fall into sensory integration disorder. Basically she does not process things the way most people do. While she was here we were very fortunate that Molly showed many of her hang ups. 

She tried to chew on things. She had tantrums when losing those things. She had positive reactions to her hard brushing. She sucked on her arm. She greatly calmed down when chewing and sucking on her sippy cup. So that combined with our concerns and answers to her questions she really felt like we were looking at a sensory issue. 

Her eating nonfood items could be a calming sensory to her. The hot and cold water. Noises. Food issues. Chewing. She may need that hard crunch.

So in the mean time of seeing the Doctor we are:

Chew tubs and the chewy jewelry for chewing. 

Carrot sticks and barely boiled veggies for eating. 

Brushing before getting dressed.

Calm down room with her space for tantrums. 

Vibrating egg and massage rollers. 

She is sending me links and books to start implementing and using with or without a diagnosis. 

It feels so good to have the ball start rolling!

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