Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Years Resolutions To A Better Mom

1. Back away from the phone. I plan to get this book when it comes out. I love her blog. I know that being overly connected to those outside of your family seems to really be putting a strain on families. While I think it's good that we can so easily check and see how our friends are doing. It can be so distracting and makes us lose out on so many little things. I am so guilty of this.

That being said I don't think we should all feel shamed that we check our phones here and there when 99% of a moms life is doing for others. We can take a break to do something we enjoy.

2. I will not say no to playing Barbies.

3. Weather permitting we will make a trip outside. The amount of time we spend outside for me staying at home is pathetic.

4. I will limit bookings to focus more on us. Family has to come first this year.

5. I will not buy a gillion toys. I am not doing you any favors.

6. Then of course there is the lose 15 lbs. Instead of that I would like to incorporate better foods into our eating and become more active as a family.

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