Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What We've Been Doing Lately

There has been a whole lot of learning and developing going on here lately. In the past week Natalie has changed so much. She crawls from room to room, sits herself up, goes to crawling, and is now pulling up to her knees. It's crazy how fast they change. Molly has been becoming more and more her own person every day. It's amazing to watch!

We got Molly a water table for her birthday. I knew if she was going to have a water table than she needed sea animals. I love the learning resources play animals. They are big and life like. Now that Natalie is a little older she loves them too! Natalie was probably six months here. When I set out something for Molly I always include Natalie in some way. So she got her own little sea animals!

Two is the perfect age for wooden blocks! I couldn't wait to get Molly's first set. When I taught preschool they were the most played with toy. She loves to construct things and the Melissa and Doug wooden cars are so much fun! We love building tracks and garages for the cars.

Another great gift was her letter lacing beads. I love that their are so many aspects of learning. Lacing the beads is great for fine motor skills. It comes with a scooper which is great for scooping and pouring back into the bucket. Then the letters are upper and lower case! Molly loves to pick out the letter I name. Bonus is Natalie loves to chew on them!

I looked everywhere for a set of arctic animals for this exact reason. I loved the idea of a sensory activity with ice, water, food coloring, and the animals. She loves it too! We do it almost every week. Now that Natalie sits on her own she joins in! Afterwards we like to use Siri to look up arctic animals. Molly loves that part!

We also went up to WI a couple weeks ago. I got a few shots of the girls being adorable in the hotel and seeing their grandma at the park. The drive was pretty good since we went during the night. I drove some on the way back. No idea how Adam does it. I made it two hours.

Last week we had a "car wash." If you don't have a little tub like this you should! The possibilities are endless and it's a great sensory toy. I filled it with water and dish soap and their cars. I got a great and cheap roller brush at Walmart awhile back. I thought it would be the perfect thing for the car wash! Both of the girls had a blast!

This week Molly started dance! She is in Jazz/Tap/Ballet. Seriously, how cute is that? She needs to get tap shoes and ballet shoes. I'm hoping to find some this week. She absolutely loved it. This was in the waiting area and she was spinning and dancing. So excited for her class. There were so many adorable little girls in their leotards. I'm hoping she gets to meet new friends and get more experience with listening to directions. I can't watch the class, but I could hear and it sounded fun. Molly was only told to rejoin them once! Proud mom!

Today we made use of yesterday's sessions used seamless paper! Recycle! I turned on The Lorax soundtrack (love that movie) and we painted a meadow! Natalie loved it! We used the sensory ball and roller too. Once it dries I'll use their hands to make some red flowers! Adam will kill me, but I think we will hang it in the kitchen for awhile. It's so good for kids to see their art work!

It definitely wore Natalie out!

We've also been getting cousin time whenever we can! Now that Natalie wants to be in the mix of things she is really into Aiden! She didn't even care that he was pouring water on her, as long as she got to be there!

So that's about it! We've been having a lot of fun and trying to take advantage of these quick days. We're at that really fun age with the girls. I can't imagine how it will be as they grow and become more and more interactive with each other. Molly is so into Natalie now. She always wants her around. Which Natalie loves, because to her Molly is the bees knees!



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