Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Thank You For Staring

I get it. Everyone loves a good train wreck. We all slow down to gawk at the poor guy that got pulled over. It's why Jerry Springer was so popular. So why wouldn't you stare at a mom wrangling her child? We like to take in each other's chaos in order to feel better about our own. It doesn't make it any less annoying when you are star of the show.

Today I had to do the dreaded trip. Some kids are terrible in restaurants. Some can't handle stores. Every mom has that place they avoid like the plague. For us, it's the doctor. ::shudder::

The girls have had colds since last Thursday. A three day weekend didn't bring relief so we waited it out and went today. There are several things that stink about this. One I have to take Molly to the Doctor where I know it will be a lot of chasing. Two it is unexpected money to spend. Three I guarantee that even if you call the second they open they will tell you they can see you in thirty minutes. Which, you know, is fun to get ready for.

We were a little late, which I hate. When we got there Molly took off for the helicopter. I chased her down with the 500lbs car seat. We said a little prayer for wherever they were going and whoever was going with them. When we got in there was a line and of course Molly had to pee as soon as we were up. I had paper work for Natalie. At this point I think they just skipped ahead since we got back there late.

Enter the dreaded waiting room. I wonder if they would mind if I brought my own baby gates? Or if I taped her to the little kid table? It usually entertains her for about two minutes. (who told these people that little balls on a one way track kept kids occupied for hours?) So after my two minutes of calm she was off. All over the halls. Weighing twenty times. Going through pamphlets. It was a lot easier with just her. Now I have Natalie in her seat left behind. What's worse than a mom who can't control her toddler? A mom who left her infant in the waiting room to get said toddler. At least that's what your audience is going to think.

I give her chances. A few warnings. Then she gets jailed on my lap. Now that she has a taste of what could come I give her another chance. Once that chance is up she gets lapped for good. Of course this brings on a lot of crying. I get it waiting room. You're super annoyed. Here is the thing. Anyone who is staring with their beady little judging eyes either doesn't have kids with them at that moment to remind them, no longer has young children, or has never at all. The rest of us tuned her out a long time ago.

It may look like I'm not in control. (Ok maybe I'm not and this is what I'm telling myself.) She needs chances to make the right choice. When she doesn't make that choice she needs to know the alternative. Once she knows the alternative I put faith in her that she can make a better choice. When she still can't she will sit with me. Crying or not. I get that it's annoying, but I'm not doing her any favors if I get up and take her out or if I let her do what she wants. I won't give her the satisfaction of leaving or having free reign. So as sorry as I am that your day has collided with our chaos I'm not putting my parenting aside for you.

On to the room. As usual I roll up magazines and stick them through all the handles. She spends the rest of the time trying to break into the sterile items and bio hazard storage. It's fun. Followed by twenty trips to the bathroom where I lug Natalie along. I've tried telling her she doesn't need to go, but you can't lock the door. Yes, I also had her go in the sink once. It was probably my worse solution. Now she pulls her pants down nonstop and tries to get up on the sink. Then I just pretend like I have no idea what she is doing. Parenting fail.

Finally it was over and I went to pay. I was pretty excited that they got the same appointment and it would be one copay. Wrong! It's $20 per person. All this time I thought I'd take them to their one years and all that school crap and it would be $20. No. It was $40 for a trip to hell. I know how cheap I sound, but this was very disappointing. My silver lining was gone.

For every struggle there are always those sweet times. Which today consisted of two kids napping while I ate my Wendy's in peace and watched American Horror Story. The rest was filled with two sick kids.

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